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Neymar Jr and Nike shooting for gold in Brazil


As we head into the knockout stages of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, be sure to look at the feet of a certain Brazilian superstar. Nike has unveiled the GOLD HYPERVENOM SPECIAL EDITION boot to be worn by Neymar Jr.


The shoe is inspired by Neymar’s childhood. As a young player, no doubt dreaming of achieving World Cup glory for his native Brazil, Neymar would spray his boots gold. The team at Nike worked painstakingly to create a boot that reflected the aspirations of a 12 year old Neymar.

“When we met with Neymar he told us that when he was 12 he used to spray paint his boots gold. He said that he always wanted a pair of gold boots but that he couldn’t find them anywhere. So we took that insight and decided this summer would be the perfect moment to create this boot for him,” said Denis Dekovic, Nike Football Design Director.

The biggest challenge was getting the gold tone perfect so it had the right spray-painted look. We worked closely with Neymar to get it as close to how he remembered the colour when he would apply it as a kid. We’re all delighted with the results and can’t wait to see it on pitch.” 

As the great number 10 looks to shine in the latter stages of the tournament, his footwear will ensure he looks the part.

To get your hands on a pair, visit

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Genius in a Velcro suit | The Magnificent Design of Adam Hill


Cape Town based Adam Hill, is a phenomenal talent with great Typography, Illustration and Design chops. He is one of an impressive group of designers who call the Mother City home. He’s also a musician in the rock band The Sleepers. Adam’s immense talents can be seen in the numerous gig posters, magazines, corporate identities and book covers he’s designed. Check out his amazing work at

We Set Sail - Tonight We Die - Iceberg_Smaller


I first discovered TSAW (Ten Songs a Week) on a design website that was showcasing their incredible retro-inspired album covers. Created by French Graphic Designer, Jean Mosambi, the fantastic design aesthetic of these covers is matched perfectly by his insanely eclectic music mixes. As the name suggests, Mosambi releases a new 10-track mix each week. These mixtapes move effortlessly between genres from Rare Groove to really interesting World Music and hip hop and Electronica. Since the mixes are fairly short, I’ll be hitting you with four this week. Consider it an apology for my infrequent posting of late.

For more of these great mixes follow TSAW on mixcloud. And be sure to check out Jean Mosambi’s magnificent design work at

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Just my type of city | Celbrating Typography in Cape Town

I stumbled upon a great website that showcases two of my favorite things; amazing typography and my hometown of Cape Town. CTTYPE created by Cape Town creative, Rowan Eva encourages people to upload their favorite pics of type in the city. The submissions range from beautifully hand drawn type to fantastic signage on art deco buildings and signage for businesses.

Check out CTTYPE and if you’re ever in Cape Town, make sure you take some pics of the city’s typography.

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Adidas celebrates the legacy of the zx range with a 25th anniversary pack


There’s a lot to look forward to this spring; the end of this bitter winter, prolonged patio sessions, hot sunny days and the launch of the 25th Anniversary Adidas ZX pack. Adidas pays homage to their legendary, ground breaking ZX sneaker range, launched in the eighties, with bright colorways for their ZX5000, ZX8000 and ZX9000 sneakers. These bad boys will be hitting stores in April.

Images from Freshnessmag

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Projecteo | a slide show in your pocket


You love your smartphone camera and love sharing your pics on instagram (even if sometimes your friends don’t), but you’re nostalgic for those good ol’ days where the family huddled together in the dark and watched as slide shows magically illuminated our living room walls. Well nostalgic instagrammer, you can now have the best of both worlds thanks to a wonderful invention called Projecteo.

Here’s how Projecteo works. You sign into your instagram account and pick nine images you want in your slide show. The folks over at the company develop your images onto 35mm Kodak film and put them on a slide reel. Finally the Projecteo, which fits in the palm of your hand, is sent to you along with your 9 pic reel. 

Now all you need is a dark living room and some friends willing to watch your Selfies in Singapore slideshow. The Projecteo will cost you $34.98 with free worldwide delivery and if you enter the promo code FRIEND06TQ, you’ll get 5 bucks off. Visit to get your hands on this fun little toy.

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Look mom! No helmet! | Hövding. The amazing invisible helmet

1671292-poster-1280-hovding-invisible-helmet-05 Hövding-airbag-580x386 I’ll be the first to admit that I look pretty goofy riding my wife’s bicycle with my oversized helmet, designed to protect my oversized head, but I’m all about safety first and it drives me crazy when I see so many people speeding by without helmets. I would assume that the large amount of helmetless cyclists I see riding the streets of Toronto prefer not to look silly as I do, but come on guys, a helmet can save your life. Well thankfully a Swedish design duo, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin have come up with a pretty ingenious and stylish solution. Hövding, an invisible helmet. The invention was developed as part of their Masters Thesis project in Industrial design at Lind University in 2005. After years of research, Hövding is finally on the market.

When I first saw images of people wearing this helmet, I was perplexed. What? Where is it? I must be missing something. Well, when I saw a video demo of this incredible invention I was blown away. You will be too. Check it out.

hovding-bike-airbag To learn more about how the Hovding works and how to get your hands on one, visit their website,

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I love Hip Hop and Jazz and when the two meet, the results are usually amazing. Think of Guru’s Jazzmatazz records or Ronny Jordon and DJ Krush collabo, Bad Brothers. So I was blown away when I stumbled upon an amazing series of redesigned Wu Tang Clan covers. Logan Walters, a Detroit-based Graphic Designer has created a fantastic series of reimagined Wu Tang Clan album covers, cleverly referred to as Wu Notes. The designs take their cues from the work of legendary designer Reid Miles, who together with photographer, Francis Wolff, was responsible for the iconic Blue Note Records cover designs. The result is amazing. Check out these designs and more of Logan Walters’ work at

And enjoy the tunes inspired by Hip Hop and Jazz crossover.

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Design is One | Celebrating Lella and Massimo Vignelli


If you’re a design geek like me, you’ll know exactly who Massimo and Lella Vignelli are. But even if you are not the kind of person who forces your significant other to watch documentaries about typefaces, you would have definitely seen the work of Vignelli Associates. The husband and wife team who’ve been design partners since 1960, have designed some of the most iconic and timeless designs, from American Airlines, IBM and Bloomingdale’s corporate identity to the New York Subway wayfinder systems and incredible modern furniture for Knoll.

A new documentary, Design is One, directed by Kathy Brew and Roberto Guerra, celebrates the work of these prolific designers, their influence on modern design and their ongoing creative output.

Make sure you watch this amazing documentary and if you’re ever in Upstate New York, you should visit the Rochester Institute of Technology home of the Vignelli Center for Design Studies, which houses the entire design archive of this amazing duo.


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In the latest range, Tales of the Sea, South African design company Mingo Lamberti has created a fantastic collection of limited edition T-shirts.

Founded by Brad Hodgkiss and named after his grandfather, Mingo Lamberti has built a reputation for producing fantastically designed T-shirts by collaborating with some very talented designers and illustrators.

This series is no different and features the talents of Adam Hill, Jordon Metcalf, Daniel Ting Chong, Matt Goodall, Simon Berndt, Gert Schoeman and Brad Hodgkiss himself.

Have a look at this amazing series and make sure you visit their insanely cool website:

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