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Action Bronson talks food in delicious new show


Potty mouth, Rap Genius and Foodie, Action Bronson, recently debuted his new food show, Fuck, That’s Delicious. In this first episode, Bronson discusses his world tour with Eminem and the food he got to sample on his travels. I particularly enjoyed him talking about visiting Mzoli’s Place, a fantastic spot for good times and excellent barbecued meat, in my hometown, Cape Town.


Enjoy the show and catch more food related content at

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Genius in a Velcro suit | The Magnificent Design of Adam Hill


Cape Town based Adam Hill, is a phenomenal talent with great Typography, Illustration and Design chops. He is one of an impressive group of designers who call the Mother City home. He’s also a musician in the rock band The Sleepers. Adam’s immense talents can be seen in the numerous gig posters, magazines, corporate identities and book covers he’s designed. Check out his amazing work at

We Set Sail - Tonight We Die - Iceberg_Smaller

Just my type of city | Celbrating Typography in Cape Town

I stumbled upon a great website that showcases two of my favorite things; amazing typography and my hometown of Cape Town. CTTYPE created by Cape Town creative, Rowan Eva encourages people to upload their favorite pics of type in the city. The submissions range from beautifully hand drawn type to fantastic signage on art deco buildings and signage for businesses.

Check out CTTYPE and if you’re ever in Cape Town, make sure you take some pics of the city’s typography.

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I have absolutely no idea when Ahmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson, the legendary afro’d drummer of The Roots, finds time to sleep. Aside from his regular gig with The Roots as Jimmy Fallon’s house band, Mr Thompson is part of countless musical collaborations, he’s a sought after producer, constantly tweets to his millions of followers (2,692,534 to be precise) and recently published his memoir, Mo’ Meta Blues. The World According to Questlove. He is also the co-founder of today’s source for musical discovery,

Founded by Questlove and author Angela Nissel back in 1987, okayplayer was a music collective that eventually evolved into the online community, in 1999 . I remember first visiting the site in the early 2000s,  when I would follow  talented artists like, Blackalicious, J-Dilla, Talib Kweli, D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Common, Mos Def and of course The Roots, who make this site their home.

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 11.36.08 AM
Since those days it’s grown into an incredibly rich source of great new music, film, interviews and opinions.  It’s described by Rolling Stone Magazine as a ‘tastemaker ‘ and describes itself as ‘the original progressive urban music site and maintains its position as the premier digital destination for music connoisseurs worldwide. Okayplayer delivers the full spectrum of groundbreaking music to your fingertips (and earphones) everyday’. 

What’s great about the site is the sheer volume of it’s output, it’s great design and easy navigation. It’s updated daily and you can search through new videos, movies and opinions and under the audio section, you can download some pretty amazing mixtapes. The home site also links to it’s sister sites, okayafrica, okayfuture, LargeUp and The Revivalist.

As a South African, I’m particularly intrigued by okayafrica which focuses on, as they put it, Africa’s New Wave’. The site let’s you check out all the latest developments in African music, culture, fashion, art and political expression.

okayfuture is one of the best sources for new electronica and progressive music. With the same basic site structure as okayplayer, it’s also pretty easy to navigate. I’ve made some fantastic discoveries on this site. One of them is Toro Y Moi. I love this guy’s music.


If you love Caribbean music, you can gorge yourself on a steady diet of great tunes on LargeUp. The navigation is not as slick as the other sites but every Monday you get to hear a brand new mixtape.

The Revivalist is for all you jazz cats out there.  ‘The Revivalist is the leading online journal for the burgeoning jazz community. By illuminating the renewal of retro and classic music with that of new emerging genres, The Revivalist is the center of a cultural resurgence of live music. We are music innovators, musicians, and music lovers documenting and foretelling the stories of authentic and original music and how they have influenced today’s popular music.’

And that folks is your number two source for great music. To take a trip down this rabbit hole visit

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In the latest range, Tales of the Sea, South African design company Mingo Lamberti has created a fantastic collection of limited edition T-shirts.

Founded by Brad Hodgkiss and named after his grandfather, Mingo Lamberti has built a reputation for producing fantastically designed T-shirts by collaborating with some very talented designers and illustrators.

This series is no different and features the talents of Adam Hill, Jordon Metcalf, Daniel Ting Chong, Matt Goodall, Simon Berndt, Gert Schoeman and Brad Hodgkiss himself.

Have a look at this amazing series and make sure you visit their insanely cool website:

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An artful R!OT in Southern Africa


Bulowayo-born, Joburg-based Sindiso Nyoni aka RiOT is a super talented, multi-disciplanary illustrator and graphic designer. His work, which he refers to as Guerill[art] combines a multitude of traditional and digital illustraton techniques to create engaging visual social commentary.

Sindiso tackles issues like xenephobia, police brutality and African dictatorships through his work. He’s been featured in many publications and international exhibitions including the 2010 International Biennial Poster Exhibition in Mexico titled, Voices of Freedom.  R!Ot’s also done quite a bit of commercial work for the likes of Adidas, Nike and Feiyue and toymaker ToiToy.

Check out his work at

b7f9ea4fb582839b4d24c82a2219592d (1)

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Twin brothers, Justice and Innocent Mukeli, together with their best friend, Vuyo Mpantsha are the trio behind a fantastic blog called I See a Different You. Well calling it a blog is a little bit of an understatement. It’s more of a movement born out of a frustration with the way their native Soweto was being perceived in the media. The imagery that people associate with the township is mostly created by people from outside Soweto, is often negative and doesn’t truly capture the way the locals experience it.

Armed with a keen sense of style and digital cameras, the crew from I See a Different You explore the place they grew up in with warm, nostalgic images, a fresh perspective and more importantly through their own lens.

They’ve traveled to Tokyo, Senegal and Paris to expand their project and here’s what they had to say about it in an interview with online publication Dazed Digital:

 “I See A Different You started in Soweto and it’s changed people’s perceptions of Soweto. Where do we want to take it? We want to take it to the whole world,” says Vuyo. “We want to do I See A Different You China, I See A Different You Atlanta, Jamaica. Brazil too. We just want to take it to places we’ve never been to, places that most people in my country have never been. The problem with South Africans is that they don’t travel, so with this thing we want to change their perception of the world.”

Check out this video from their Soweto Ted x Talk, and be sure to visit their blog:

All images from I See a Different You.

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Mixmaster Nick Bertke aka Pogo splices audio from various sources together to create the most infectious little songs. He has over 11 million views for his Alice in Wonderland mix and 8.5 million views for a Snow White mix. His latest mix, Kenya Chords, features video and audio he collected from a recent trip to Kenya. It’s absolutely magical. Check out Pogo on soundcloud.

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The paintings of Philip Barlow possess a dream like quality. They seem strangely familiar, like a warm and comforting, hazy memory.

The South African native has been painting since the early nineties and has developed a unique style of abstraction. Here’s how he explains his work: The figures in the landscape serve as carriers and reflectors of the light that falls upon them. Bathed in the luminosity, it is my hope that they would become more beautiful. To me, light is the ultimate subject because it embodies the pinnacle of all reality.


Have a look at Philips’s incredible work on his website:


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Wale Oyejide and Lekan Jeyifo invite you to Lagos in 2081

download (1)

Brooklyn-based attorney, musician and fashion designer Wale Oyejide is the creator of the incredible menswear brand Ikire Jones, a label  inspired by the stylish, West African aesthetic. In the brand’s latest campaign Oyejide teams up with fellow Nigerian, illustrator Lekan Jefiyo to imagine Lagos, Nigeria 68 years in the future as a city with new-found wealth and a land of opportunity. Futuristic buildings reach to the sky as well dressed men explore this sprawling metropolis. The storyline goes as follows:

[Lagos, Nigeria] I had just narrowly escaped a throttling for taking too many liberties in the kitchen of an Ajegunle bukateria when I stumbled into painter Joshua Mays in a back alley.  All anguish from the tragic egusi stains on my jacket sleeve was momentarily abated when I noticed that Mr. Mays had recreated the towering landscape on a nearby wall. 

This was a Lagos that would be unfamiliar to our grand-parents.  The image of a city captured years after the Great Crude Explosion: a day when oil bubbled through the Makoko slum floors and flowed freely in Ikoyi’s streets, effectively transforming Lagos into the richest city on the planet.  Now, the once-sullied aspects of Nigeria’s reputation lay discarded and forgotten, and the world’s citizens climbed over themselves to dock their dreams at Lagos’ shores.  Transfixed, Mr. Mays and I looked up at the ever-growing spires of New Lagos, painted against the blue horizon, and knew: Our children would never have reason to look down again.

download (2)

Ikire Jones_Scene 03_640

Jeyifo said of the collaboration, It provided a perfect opportunity to further extend the boundaries of Architectural Representation and my interest in exploring new aesthetic vocabularies”.

Have a look at the fantastic range of menswear produced by Ikire Jones. Be sure to visit for a more interactive exploration of the idea and check out to see more of the unbelievable work of Lekan Jeyifo.

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