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Nike’s star-studded football commercial will get you into the World Cup Fever


Wow. I can’t believe it’s been four years already. Four years since the World Cup was hosted in my country. What an amazing experience. And now it’s all about to happen again. Nike’s latest commercial, Winner Stays, for their Risk Everything Campaign, features some of their biggest stars, from Ronaldo to Naima to Iniesta and Kobe Bryant? It’s pretty great, and as kickoff to the World Cup draws near, I can’t wait to see all the new commercials.

Check it out and check out my top 5 favorite football ads in no particular order.


Joga Bonito Ronaldinho

Nike Good vs Evil

Adidas José + 10

Puma Journey of Football

Nike Brasil Mas que Nada


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Spring has finally sprung and the sun is making a more regular appearance. This week’s mix conjures up thoughts of lazy summer days. As you listen to Gorilla Smoothies by Bongholio Iglesias, let your mind wander to warm, sun-soaked weekends and cold beers. Enjoy.

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I first discovered TSAW (Ten Songs a Week) on a design website that was showcasing their incredible retro-inspired album covers. Created by French Graphic Designer, Jean Mosambi, the fantastic design aesthetic of these covers is matched perfectly by his insanely eclectic music mixes. As the name suggests, Mosambi releases a new 10-track mix each week. These mixtapes move effortlessly between genres from Rare Groove to really interesting World Music and hip hop and Electronica. Since the mixes are fairly short, I’ll be hitting you with four this week. Consider it an apology for my infrequent posting of late.

For more of these great mixes follow TSAW on mixcloud. And be sure to check out Jean Mosambi’s magnificent design work at

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If those Jive Turkeys in the office are getting you down, pop on your headphones and tune into the soulful sounds of the Seventies with this magical mix by Professor Eddy.


Have you heard | I’d die without you – Childish Gambino

Have a listen to this fantastic cover of PM Dawn’s nineties classic by the infinitely talented Childish Gambino. I love this dude.


When Vince Gilligan created Breaking Bad, he brought us one of the greatest shows of all time. The show was brilliantly accompanied by the most incredible soundtrack ever. Take a harrowing trip down memory lane with Walter and Jesse with this week’s midweek music mix. There were many Breaking Bad-inspired mixes on 8tracks, but the best one undoubtedly comes from MaxxProject. The 3hr 36min mix features a comprehensive list of the music from all five seasons. Enjoy.

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