Projecteo | a slide show in your pocket


You love your smartphone camera and love sharing your pics on instagram (even if sometimes your friends don’t), but you’re nostalgic for those good ol’ days where the family huddled together in the dark and watched as slide shows magically illuminated our living room walls. Well nostalgic instagrammer, you can now have the best of both worlds thanks to a wonderful invention called Projecteo.

Here’s how Projecteo works. You sign into your instagram account and pick nine images you want in your slide show. The folks over at the company develop your images onto 35mm Kodak film and put them on a slide reel. Finally the Projecteo, which fits in the palm of your hand, is sent to you along with your 9 pic reel. 

Now all you need is a dark living room and some friends willing to watch your Selfies in Singapore slideshow. The Projecteo will cost you $34.98 with free worldwide delivery and if you enter the promo code FRIEND06TQ, you’ll get 5 bucks off. Visit to get your hands on this fun little toy.

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