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Pharrell Williams presents a day filled with HAPPY-ness

Pharrell Williams has created the world’s first 24 hour music video. Set to the super catchy tune, Happy from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, this fantastic video features cameos from the likes Tyler the Creator, Kelly Osbourne, Jamie Foxx and Magic Johnson among others.

What makes the video so amazing is that depending on what time of the day you watch it on the site , you’ll have a completely different experience. Spotting the cameos is fun too.

So if you have 24 hours to sit in front of a screen, you could get the complete Happy experience, and if you only have 4 minutes to spare, you should at least watch it once. You’ll be super Happy you did.

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Kanye ditches the swoosh for the three stripes over royalties

kanye-west (1) by yo az

The biggest ego in entertainment and self-proclaimed creative genius has ended his design partnership with Nike and announced a partnership with adidas.

Kanye West’s megalomania is really tired, but I’ve got to say that Nike’s dropped the ball on this one. Don’t get me wrong. I love Nike, but I would think given the enormous success of the Air Yeezy sneaker series (the limited edition Yeezy sneakers have been resold for as much as $2750), that the folks in Oregon would be trying a little harder to keep the Lord Yeezus happy.  The reason for West’s exit is a dispute over royalties. Kanye claims that Nike offered him ‘a bigger sandbox to play in’ but would not give him royalties because he’s not a professional athlete.

The old me might have taken this Nike deal because I just love Nike so much, blah, blah, blah,” he said, “But the new me with a daughter takes the Adidas deal because I have royalties and I have to provide for my daughter.”

Based on the impressive Yeezy series, I’m really excited to see what Kanye and adidas come up with. That brand could certainly use a breath of fresh air. Hopefully Yeezy won’t be putting teddy bears, wings and tales on sneakers. Sorry Jeremy Scott.


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Enter the strange and Surreal Sci-Fi world of Simon Stålenhag


Simon Stålenhag’s paintings draw you into a bizarre alternate reality, where robots and dinosaurs make the Swedish countryside their home. These hyper real acrylic scenes are mesmerizing and disturbing and just plain fantastic.

Simon is based in the countryside of Stockholm which explains his fascinating landscapes. His work has been featured in many international publications and book covers and he was responsible for the amazing background animation scenes in the Oscar award winning documentary, Searching for Sugarman.


Stålenhag is also one half of the game developer duo Pixeltruss. Simon and partner, Tommy Salomonsson recently launched Ripple Dot Zero, an amazing 90s inspired 16-bit game which is available to play for free at

Be sure to check out Simon’s work at and you’ve gotta play the super fun Ripple Dot Zero.

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Light up the slopes this winter with the Nike Snowboarding LunarENDOR QS


If Marty McFly were a snowboarder in Back to the Future, he’d definitely be hovering above the slopes while wearing these insane boots.

The Nike Snowboarding LunarENDOR QS has an LED lit swoosh that’s powered by a lithium battery embedded in the boot and at the flick of a button you can initiate the awesomeness sequence. Now if all the boot had to offer was a light up swoosh, it would be pretty lame. Thankfully Nike has jam packed these bad boys with all of their top of the line technology.

They boast Nike Lunarlon foam which provides comfort and was developed to absorb impact on landing and give you a more responsive ride. And you’ll be able to customize your ride with a flex line system that gives you three different levels of stiffness. The Flywire inner lacing ensures a great fit and the liner and stobel technology-reinforced shell keeps the warmth in.

If you want to make a splash on the slopes (in a good way, not like my face plants on the bunny hill), The Nike Snowboarding LunarENDOR QS will be available in limited quantities at and Nike SB stores.

… and speaking of lighting up the slopes, check out this amazing video called LED Surfer by Jacob Sutton, featuring pro snowboarder, William Hughes.

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Look mom! No helmet! | Hövding. The amazing invisible helmet

1671292-poster-1280-hovding-invisible-helmet-05 Hövding-airbag-580x386 I’ll be the first to admit that I look pretty goofy riding my wife’s bicycle with my oversized helmet, designed to protect my oversized head, but I’m all about safety first and it drives me crazy when I see so many people speeding by without helmets. I would assume that the large amount of helmetless cyclists I see riding the streets of Toronto prefer not to look silly as I do, but come on guys, a helmet can save your life. Well thankfully a Swedish design duo, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin have come up with a pretty ingenious and stylish solution. Hövding, an invisible helmet. The invention was developed as part of their Masters Thesis project in Industrial design at Lind University in 2005. After years of research, Hövding is finally on the market.

When I first saw images of people wearing this helmet, I was perplexed. What? Where is it? I must be missing something. Well, when I saw a video demo of this incredible invention I was blown away. You will be too. Check it out.

hovding-bike-airbag To learn more about how the Hovding works and how to get your hands on one, visit their website,

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Still waters run deep | The mysterious genius of Vivian Maier


She was a prolific street photographer whose incredibly arresting work has garnered critical acclaim and had it not been for a fateful day in 2007, Vivian Maier’s work would remain forever undiscovered.

When John Maloof, a historical hobbyist from Chicago bought a box filled with thousands of negatives at an auction, he could never have imagined the treasure trove he had just uncovered. As he started developing those negatives, Maloof discovered beautifully evocative pictures that painted the story of life in the 50s and 60s urban landscapes. Vivian Maier captured intimate moments with the people of Chicago and New York, where she lived and worked as a nanny. Despite her obvious talent, Maier inexplicably chose to keep her passion secret.

An amazing documentary film, Finding Vivian Maier, pieces together the remarkable story of this mysterious artist, who died at the age of 83, before Maloof could find her.

That rare case of a genuine undiscovered artist, she left behind a huge trove of pictures that rank her with the great American mid-century street photographers. The best pictures bring to life a fantastic swath of history that now needs to be rewritten to include her.” – Michael Mimmelman, New York Times

Be sure to visit the website, to discover more about Vivian Maier and view her amazing gallery of pictures. And definitely look out for the film. Shout outs to Ted Mirsky who posted about the film on Facebook and sent me down the rabbit hole. 

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