I’m a little obsessed with music, so I’m always looking to find new tunes. Over the course of this week, I’ll share my top 5 sources, in no particular order, for making new musical discoveries.



Staffed by the most amazing team of music nerds, NPR MUSIC is an incredible treasure trove of music. I could spend hours on their website or the app, which is available for free download. You can search for anything from death metal to country and jazz  and individual artists through a series of original podcasts, interviews and videos.

All Songs Considered, hosted by my nerd crushes, Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton and occasional guests, is without a doubt my favorite podcast. What I love about this show is that these guys share and speak about the music of artists as varied as Brian Eno and Daft Punk to Kendrik Lemar and Vampire Weekend with the same infectuous enthusiasm. It’s a fantastic way to start the week. 

First Listen allows you to listen to full new albums before they’re released so it’s very helpful when thinking of buying new albums.

Tiny Desk Concerts is a great show where the team’s favorite artists perform full sets, live in the incredibly small NPR Music office.

Other programs to check out are,, a show dedicated to Latin alternative music,  Piano Jazz, where you can find interviews with Jazz music’s biggest names and World Cafe, which showcases all the best of world music.

Visit NPR at

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