Sneaker Appreciation 101 | The Adidas Superstar

IMG_8319_Shoe CU

The Adidas Superstar is as iconic in early Hip Hop culture as Caselle glasses, boom boxes and gold chains. While we may not see boomboxes on the streets anymore, the shell toe sneaker is very much alive and kickin’ it.

This 44 year old street icon, with it’s recognizable shell toe and full leather upper, was created by adidas in 1969 as the first low top basketball sneaker. Basketball players loved it. Just a few years after being introduced, a staggering 75% of all NBA stars were wearing them. And the biggest of those stars was the Lakers’, Kareem-Abdul Jabbar. The shoe that was owning the basketball court was soon going to be a dominant feature on the street.

My Adidas
walked through concert doors
and roamed all over coliseum floors …

Breakdancers, whose feats of athleticism were as impressive as their basketball counterparts, started wering Superstars because of the shoe’s durability. Enter Run DMC, the Hip Hop crew from Queens, NYC, who rocked the Superstar on stage. As they captivated audiences with their performances across America, sales of the sneaker soared. The trio penned a deal with adidas and became the first Hip Hop performers to be endorsed by a clothing manufacturer.

In 2005 the shoe celebrated it’s 35th anniversary and has continued to be a staple of street culture across the globe. Much like the Air Force One by Nike the Superstar now comes in a variety of colours and textures. They’re sturdy, comfortable and super stylish and if you’d never owned a pair, perhaps you should consider getting some. Find them at any good sneaker store or online at

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