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When my buddy, Oskar Petty and I worked as an advertising team, we hardly ever played music in the office. That’s because despite being on the same wavelength when it came to our work, we almost never agreed on music. He hated my Hippity hop (despite loving the Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill) and I couldn’t deal with anything remotely metal. There were some exceptions. Most notably, The Cure. I remember many a drunken night at the agency bar, shouting along to the sound system when Just Like Heaven played.

The album, Optica, the latest  by Swedish band, Shout Out Louds most definitely has The Cure-like overtones, with the lead singer channeling Robert Smith. You can especially hear it when you listen to the tracks, Sugar and Illusion. They’re a fantastic band and their music is off the chain. Oskar that’s a Hip Hop reference.

Check out a couple of my favorite videos and their full live performance on KEXP.

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