Wale Oyejide and Lekan Jeyifo invite you to Lagos in 2081

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Brooklyn-based attorney, musician and fashion designer Wale Oyejide is the creator of the incredible menswear brand Ikire Jones, a label  inspired by the stylish, West African aesthetic. In the brand’s latest campaign Oyejide teams up with fellow Nigerian, illustrator Lekan Jefiyo to imagine Lagos, Nigeria 68 years in the future as a city with new-found wealth and a land of opportunity. Futuristic buildings reach to the sky as well dressed men explore this sprawling metropolis. The storyline goes as follows:

[Lagos, Nigeria] I had just narrowly escaped a throttling for taking too many liberties in the kitchen of an Ajegunle bukateria when I stumbled into painter Joshua Mays in a back alley.  All anguish from the tragic egusi stains on my jacket sleeve was momentarily abated when I noticed that Mr. Mays had recreated the towering landscape on a nearby wall. 

This was a Lagos that would be unfamiliar to our grand-parents.  The image of a city captured years after the Great Crude Explosion: a day when oil bubbled through the Makoko slum floors and flowed freely in Ikoyi’s streets, effectively transforming Lagos into the richest city on the planet.  Now, the once-sullied aspects of Nigeria’s reputation lay discarded and forgotten, and the world’s citizens climbed over themselves to dock their dreams at Lagos’ shores.  Transfixed, Mr. Mays and I looked up at the ever-growing spires of New Lagos, painted against the blue horizon, and knew: Our children would never have reason to look down again.

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Jeyifo said of the collaboration, It provided a perfect opportunity to further extend the boundaries of Architectural Representation and my interest in exploring new aesthetic vocabularies”.

Have a look at the fantastic range of menswear produced by Ikire Jones. Be sure to visit ikirejones.com for a more interactive exploration of the idea and check out vigilism.com to see more of the unbelievable work of Lekan Jeyifo.

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One thought on “Wale Oyejide and Lekan Jeyifo invite you to Lagos in 2081

  1. isiomastylereport says:

    simply beautiful, j’adore

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