A couple of years ago my wife, Carolyn, started a website dedicated to showcasing contemporary African design. Kariboucorp.com set out to dispel prevalent misconceptions about the continent by showcasing the work of Africa’s finest artists, designers and photographers. As part of Nerdswagger’s African focus, I’ve decided to revisit the artists discussed on the site and see what they’re up to now. First up is 2BOP, a Cape Town based fashion label that’s steadily growing it’s international fanbase.


2BOP was founded in 2004 by Anthony Smith and Bradley Abrahams who describe their brand as follows:

“2Bop draws inspiration primarily from games that were popular in South Africa at corner shops and arcades in the1980’s and early 1990’s when gameplay was key and graphics if they were good were an added bonus. Disadvantaged areas during apartheid South Africa had little to offer in terms of exposure to cutting edge international design or computer technology but the bootleg arcade games that used twenty cent pieces (a 2Bop) to play at the corner shop were a window into what was happening in the outside world’.

Since being interviewed on Kariboucorp.com 2BOP has moved from strength to strength. They’ve won a grant from South African advertising agency, The Jupiter Drawing Room, attended the Bread & Butter Streetwear festival in Berlin and recently opened their own store called Smith and Abrahams General Dealer and Outfitters.

Check out the videos of them in Berlin and some of their fresh to death merchandise. Also check out their website and online store are at www.twobop.co.za/

2BOP at BBB 2012 from ebrahim hajee on Vimeo.

STR.CRD X 2BOP @ BREAD & BUTTER 2012 from STR.CRD on Vimeo.

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